Monday, November 26, 2007

Blob gob gooo

This is horrible! I'd forgotten how unmanageable oils are. And the corals are just dead blobs, complain complain complain! At least I did do a painting, all of 80 minute's worth. Boy, is it bad, hahaha! Maybe I'll see what happens in Watercolor, I'm versed in that medium. Painting in your head is just not painting in hand.


  1. I think the overall composition is lovely. The web image looks good to me and you know perfection is subjective. Someone else might love it even if you don't. Give it a loving title (blog gob gooo?!) and someone will feel they just have to own it!

  2. Awwww, c'mon! I agree with Con on the those dark plant shapes on left.

    See I like to work in oils. I consider them quite forgivable; you can just wipe away and paint again. Watercolors are way too hard for me because I see them as needing to be pre-planned. (not my forte)

    Don't give up on BlobGobGoo! Wait until it dries a little, then you have a chance to experiment. If you already don't like it, there's no risk in messing anything up!!

  3. Thanks, Con and Tracy! I am an extreme perfectionist.

    The plant shapes are urchins. I'll have to have a little urchin talk here. Their spines are as fine as embroidery needles, difficult to paint wwith the brushes I have, hmmmm.

    I had a job coloring old prints and etchings for years, using watercolor washes, so WC is easier for me. But the Public prefers oils. I have encaustic supplies, also, those are a trick to use!!! pigments mixed with melted beeswax. Bang, cool is dry.