Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Room for Improvement!

With a little help from my friends! I named this one "Room for Improvement" It's an image taken by the underwater pier cam in Bonaire. I'll be doing a long series of this view, as the fishes change, and there are snorkellers and even divers to see and paint.

I've been searching the Internet for a beach cam resembling the one I've painted, but woe, they all seem to be a view of a walk wwith hundreds of people, or just the front of a resort. If anyone can send me a link to a PRETTY beach cam, I'd be much obliged!

1 comment:

  1. Underwater cam! How cool is that?

    You've really captured the "underwater feeling" with the reflections above. I mean....not that fishe would be anyplace else....

    I have this cartoon of two guys sitting on a park bench commenting on how humid it is. Walking by is a woman holding a leash with a fish swimming in the air. hahahahahahahahahaha (ok, loses something in the translation, but maybe I should try scanning it)