Wednesday, September 26, 2007


By the numbers, I see I'm not the only one looking at this page. Thank you for visiting! I am starting to snarl and gnash my teeth at myself that I am not painting and posting a daily fish, or a coral. Folks seem to prefer fish. By Thanksgiving, the end of November, I will have joined the "Daily Painters". They require me to have a new painting nearly every day posted here, for two months. This blog was begun with that in mind. I will persevere! Or something.

Daily Painters can be seen at:

I guess I will be forced to use an airconditioner in this house, it's just too hot. OK, enough whining and winjing. Off with me to fill my poor car with potted plants that are waiting at the old place to come with me to here. See you later!....Melissa

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