Monday, February 2, 2009


Hello to my new visitors! I've been mentioned by Jennifer of

So perhaps some new clicks will appear here.

The really good news is that later this week, a long lost girlfriend from my college days is coming to visit me. Hooray! I couldn't find her for years, as she lost her name(got married) but a year ago she looked me up on the great www and now she's actually going to be here!

I'm sure she'll get me spruced up, as I've been overwhelmed and in a slump with the new-old house that needs SO much work, and my painting that's been totally neglected for weeks and months now. But I have finished reading 'War and Peace', and Tolstoy's next book, 'Anna Somebody'. Haha, I looked at that name and didn't read it for a whole week.

OK, thanks for stopping by! And, really, I still plan to be an artist when I grow up!

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