Friday, January 9, 2009


Art marketing seminar beginnibg January 15. Seven days, take off the weekwnd. High quality folks, For any medium, photos cloth, painting and etc.

Come join me! Or feel left out because I'll be writing some about it here.


  1. Can't wait to read your thoughts on the smartist teleconference. Your head must be swimming with ideas.

  2. Bad news. It's all stuff to listen to, and I can't hear. I HATE being deaf. owell.

  3. Have you ever tried a good set of noise cancelling headphones? I'm hearing impaired, too, and I often avoid recorded tutorials and such. I won't watch a movie without subtitles! However, my new headphones allow me to hear recordings much better, sometimes perfectly.

  4. Hi, Con,

    My tinitis is about 112 decibels, I'm told by the audiologist. The whole range of human voice perception simply doesn't exist. I have loud deisel engines, crickets, sirens and whistles, and terrible sharp hissing. It's exhausting, but I must live with it. Three hearing aid people haven't mentioned noise cancelling. If I bother with another hearing tst, I might ask. Thanks for the suggestion!