Friday, November 28, 2008

I dislike winter.

I want to say I hate winter,,, Even here in the Caribbean! Yes, the seasons change here, a lot.
Polydamus Swallowtail
Lemon Swallowtail(from SE Asia: uh, oh...)
but I am trying to delete "that word" from my vocabulary, like I cleaned up from the old hippie s---f---d--- dumbie talk. Ha, once I met a young guy from southern California, and he said, "----man, like, ----, y'know what I mean!!" I replied, "NO!! I have no idea what you're saying! Speak English!"

Poor boy, he was stunned, and never really replied, couldn't, and although we could have had many interesting converations, we didn't. "----man! Like ----!y'know-what-I-mean?
Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar munching passion fruit vine

Winter has begun early this year, with two Canadian, blame it on someone!, cold fronts bringing rough seas all the way here, one thousand miles southeast of Miami.

Gulf Fritillry Butterfly on Bouganvillea flowers
Hold still!! Wish I could get closer!!
I am separated from my paints. I am still here in the rental, the house has most of my stuff, ten miles, 45 minute drive away. My income, from the USA stock market, has shrunk like a man's haha in an Alaskan blizzard. But this might be good, might force me to get moral support and business help and begin selling my little paintings.
"White Peacock" butterfly, with birdbites

In the meantime, I'm running around taking photos of caterpillars and butterflies!! Gadzooks, they're beautiful!

But I miss my fishies, critters, and corals.

OK, worn out for now. Thanks for visiting me!



  1. Butterflies in winter! Beautiful.

    If you'd like to appreciate your winter more a visit to my place might do it for you. No butterflies to photograph here.

  2. Sorry! No thanks! I think it's chilly here at 72 degrees, umm, 22 celsius. I just learned you can get conversions out of search, way kewl.

    Funny, Con, I was just looking st your blog, shame on me for not commenting.

    My mother, in Virginia, fed the birds, this, that and the other kinds of eeds and whatnot. She even had the butcher cutting suet just for her feeders.

    Snow, brrrr!

  3. Melissa, I didn't really expect you'd come, but maybe one day you'll surprise me.
    I've saved a bunch of fat from our thanksgiving feast to mix with seeds for the birds.
    YOur coloring book idea is a good one. Years ago I bought a similar at a beach for my daughter. The hard part for us was knowing what colors to put to the unfamiliar undersea world.

  4. I have a baroque mind, coming up with many facets to any simple idea. The black line drawings would be accompanied by a photo, and perhaps, if some people sent in pictures of how they colored the drawing I could post them... but I might get swamped!

    Once, a friend colored a picture of a bird in a coloring book I kept sitting around with a box of 64 Crayolas. She had fun, using pink and orange and blue and yellow and green, haha.

    Her boyfriend got all huffy, "That's not right!" He laboriously colored an Osprey in siennas and umbers. Ospreys are kind of gray and white. Haha, his was just as wrong as hers!

    And the 's' key is wearing out on my aging computer, I dread buying a new one, sigh.