Friday, November 21, 2008

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I'll post something. Still not painting, stressing with the move-that's-taking-forever.

I named this coral "Bad Hair" All those things sticking up are Rope Sponges. The little bushy things in the sand on the left are corals---animals, not plants. More on them in another post.
Looking a little closer, those yellowish corals are Maize, or Butterprint corals, a type of brain coral. The wine colored worm looking things in the bottom right are rope sponges, I don't have my book here, so I can't give a better name. Over on the left is a spotted looking thing, a Great Star coral, with a Christmas Tree worm. (click on the image for a larger view, then the back button to come back here)

Here is aother view including two Christmas Tree worms. They feed by capturing microscopic critters that float by, and get caught in their feathery,,,, umm, I don't know the name, Mantle? haha. Besides white and red, they can be yellow, brown, black, and maybe even blue. If you get very close, they instantly zip back into their shell that runs along under the surface of the coral.

The two star corals have different kind of algae that give them their, in this case, pink or orange/rust colors. The rust colored coral is feeding a little, the polyps semi-open.

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