Friday, October 5, 2007

Another Photo, blue-blue-blue

I dearly love blue. There's just too much for a camera. When one is there, looking at the scene, the sand is white, the corals are brown, gold, and sometimes green. Sponges are the colorful guys, reds, yellow, black, purple... And here is how the photo comes out! Blue-blue-blue.

So, yes, I can paint what I see underwater with liberal use of a camera. One artist I read about painted flowers. He was whining that they wilted after three days. I have an hour, at most, underwater! Three days would seem an eternity! Hold still, fish! Hey! Come back here! And good visibiliy is 100 feet, twenty five meters(?). We wouldn't know what the Eiffel Tower look like, nor the Great Pyramids.

OK, thanks for stopping by, and I promise a painting soon. A promise to myself as much as to you.



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