Thursday, August 30, 2007

The paper ruins the painting Ho hum

Ho hum, old paper. I decided to put a pale wash over the coral, and lo! the bottom and side of the paper has lost its' sizing. I guess this happened when my studio flooded. I'll use the new paper I bought now.

This picture is still wet, I'll see how it looks dry, and then maybe continue. It's over painted already, tho'. I'm going to google sizzing, I seem to remember alum and unflavored Jello...

Once I'd spent three days on a pencil under-drawing for a watercolor, and was quite pleased. I put some mask on a few parts, then started to paint. The paper was old, two years, and sucked up the paint like a sponge! Every brush stroke soaked in instantly. Dismay! Then I tried to peel off the mask, and it'd soaked in also, and the picture was ruined. Boooo

"If at first you fricasee, fry fry a hen!" Ho hum!


  1. Oh my! I don't know anything about sizing (I'm a w/c know-nothing), but can you at least trace the pencil image to retain the drawing part? The drawing and the colors within the fish are wonderful.
    Found 10-day old pizza in the fridge this morning; kinda looked like the bottom of that paper.
    Thanks for the lesson. I guess I should test-drive those 5 yr old paints somebody gave me before I try them on something real.

  2. My subjects are all the more difficult, as they swim away!

    I used watercolor pencil for the coral. And because my subject is unseen and unseeable by most people, I use a projector to get extremely accurate rendering. Very tedious work.

    The fish isn't that color, I have several more washes to douse on the fellow. I'm moving apartment during the next few days, and might or might not take a few hours to paint.

    We'll see if I can rescue this painting...